@Ashton5SOS: Why is 'sweaty Ashton' trending hahaha, I DRUM HARD 

Rachel McAdams photographed by Carter Smith for Allure - August 2014

This September, Winter comes early.
When the town of Storybrooke gets ‘Frozen’… over.

Favorite Character Meme: Character Traits - Protective / Aggressive [2/5] 


having or showing a strong wish to keep someone or something safe from harm.// ready or likely to attack or confront.

long way home » chicago / 8.30.14

Luke playing with his lip ring ~

-“You both seem like genuinely nice guys.”

-“Thank you! Thank you, we practice that. We actually sit together like ‘How can we seem genuine?’”

I hate that certain people are treated differently than others just because of who they love.